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Bet football from your mobile

No matter the moment of the year, there are always a lot of football games to watch all over the world. Placing an Android bet is more fun than using a pc or laptop.
Best sites for Android bettingA lot of betting variants are available for football and betting funs. The most common are:
- Bet on final result
- Double chance bet – betting on two possible results.
- Bet type half – time / full time – betting both half – time and full time result
- Bet type over/ under – betting that the number of goals will be over or under a certain number specified by the sportsbook.
Other types of bets are: on corners number at half or final time; on yellow or red cards number; handicap type (the bookmaker offers a goals
advance to one of the teams);
Many sportsbooks offer the possibility to bet in real time and so, permanently benefit of updated odds.
The best sportsbooks included in their offer the mobile sport betting for the ones that have not access to computers or laptops for betting online. For Android betting the best site is


The company does not accept players from USA. So if you live in the United States and looking to bet from your mobile device use bovada.

Tennis betting from Android

Tennis bets types
-Final result –betting on the final result of the match
-First set – betting on the result at the end of the first set
-First set / final – betting on both the result at end of first set and of the match.
-Handicap on games – in this bet type the first player starts with an advantage or disadvantage on games number indicated by the bookmaker
in its offer
-total number of games – the bettor relates its bet to the number of total paklyed during the match indicated by the sportsbook.

Basketball Android bet

Basket bets
- final result – the bet indicates the match result at the final
- handicap – the home team starts with an advantage or a disadvantage of points indicated by the sportsbook
- total points – the bet specifies if during the game are scored more or less points comparing with the number indicated by bookmaker
- total points even /uneven – the bet refers to parity of final scored points

Handball sports betting

Handball is a sport with a large number of funs all over the world.
The followings types of bets are accepted in handball: final result, total points, total points even / uneven. If you want to place an Android bet you can always use betfair as your ideal sportsbook.